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The Jimmy Malone Show 9/29/23

The Jimmy Malone Show 9/28/23

A drug dealer called the cops after someone stole ten dollars during a drug deal. A low-speed chase involving a golf cart and a dog. A man tells 911 that he is surrounded by bears and lost in the woods- because he was drunk and needed a ride home. Ladies and Gentleman, another exciting edition of Knuckleheads in the News.

The Jimmy Malone Show 9/28/23

Jimmy talks with Ed and Peggy Gallek of the Fox 8 I team about a member of the civilian police commission who got in the middle of a CPD officer arresting someone, a dispatcher going above and beyond and outsmarting a scammer, and some troubling footage out of the Juvenile Detention Center. Later, Jimmy and Rob embark on another edition of Knuckleheads in the News.

The Jimmy Malone Show 9/26/23

Jimmy talks with the Dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine, Dr Peter Jay Hotez, M.D Ph.D about his new book, "The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science," and how the public's perception of science, along with vaccines, has changed over the past generation. Later, Dakin Campbell from Business Insider joins the program to talk about Corizon Health and how their shady business practices and bankruptcy could rock the corporate world. Jimmy and Rob comment on the troubling story developing around the Brooklyn High School football program.

The Jimmy Malone Show: Dr. Peter Hotez

Jimmy talks with Dr. Peter Jay Hotez, MD., Ph.D about his new book"The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science," and how the public's view of science, including vaccines, has changed in the past generation.

The Jimmy Malone Show 9/22/23

Jimmy talks with Jen Caltrider from Mozzilla about the biggest privacy risk people encounter in their daily lives... cars. Joaquin Sapien from ProPubica joins the show to discuss the Navy dropping billions of dollars on a combat ship that doesn't work. George Thomas from the Akron Beacon Journal talks with Jimmy about HBO adding a new sports stream.

Knuckleheads in the News: 9/21/23

A woman delves into a portajohn and tries (unsuccessfully) to get her Apple Watch. A man celebrates a new "open carry" law by indiscriminately firing shots into the air. A man who tried to flee authorities on foot, in a car, and on a boat was arrested after his canoe capsized. Ladies and Gentleman, another harrowing edition of Knuckleheads in the News.

The Jimmy Malone Show 9/21/23

Jimmy talks with the Fox 8 I Team about some of the big headlines of the week including what the security cameras didn't catch during last month's warehouse shooting, an HR director who swung on one of their employees, and a bad night for the Cleveland Cavaliers' General Manager. Later, Jimmy and Rob embark on another perilous edition of Knuckleheads In The News.

The Jimmy Malone Show 9/20/23

Jimmy talks with Dr. Nikhil Goyal about his book "Live to See the Day" and the problems facing the nation's poorest citizens. Later, consumer advocate Teresa Murray from the US Public Interest Research Group warns of the dangers of linking up your bank account to auto-pay. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are a thing. Jimmy goes over reason number 217 as to why he doesn't go hiking.

The Jimmy Malone Show 9/19/23

Jimmy talks with New Yorker staff writer Charles Bethea about an unbelievable story where an inmate stole millions of dollars from aging billionaires. The Browns mourn the loss of their star running back. The City of Cleveland raises parking prices... again