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Colin Cowherd Rips Giants Giving 'Below Average' Daniel Jones $160 Million

Colin Cowherd: “The New York Giants contract for Daniel Jones is brutal. It’s a $160 million, four-year deal, but it’s really just a two-year $82 million deal, it’s really punitive for two years. Here’s the problem; he’s a below-average quarterback, he is. They have a far below-average offensive roster that needs help NOW, but at an $82 million deal over the next two years there’s going to be limitations now on what the Giants can do offensively. Good luck nailing five draft picks on the offensive side of the ball. It’s just not a recipe for Super Bowls signing a below-average-to-average quarterback to a massive, elite contract. People can say ‘WELL, WHAT ABOUT DAK!’ Dak is better than Daniel Jones, Dak is top 10 all-time in completion percentage. Dak early in his career was averaging about 23 or 24 touchdowns a year, Daniel Jones last year had 15 touchdown passes, and that is with Brian Daboll, an elite left tackle, and a star running back. Fifteen touchdown passes is tied with Marcus Mariota, fewer than Andy Dalton, and fewer than Davis Mills, and Justin Fields. Patrick Mahomes with a rebuilt receiving corps, with three separate castoff players and a rookie, had 15 touchdown passes by Week 5. Here’s what I think happened… The Mara family sees some Eli Manning with Daniel Jones. They almost look alike— big, Southern kid, very gracious, hard-working, team-first, took awhile to get it going, and they probably see a little Eli Manning. The Jets also have chaos at quarterback. The Giants over the last four or five years aren’t very good outside of this year, so I think the Mara family saw some Eli here, didn’t want chaos at the position, just got to the playoffs, and were like ‘well, it’s not this, but at least it’s not chaos, we don’t wanna be the Jets!’ We got the coach we like, the GM we like, the defense we like, let’s just stick with this guy and overpay him for a few years and try to hit some draft picks. This year they had a little bit of success and they reached, and overreacted to a little bit of success because the Giants standards over the last four or five years before this one… what were they doing? They were AWFUL and struggling to win 5 or 6 games. The standards were lower, they have a little success, and then they’re like ‘LET’S SIGN HIM!’ You can’t pay Daniel Jones this and win a Super Bowl. Right now in an offensive-leaning and pivoting league they got a bad offense outside of left tackle and running back. You’ve got a very, very average quarterback who gives you about 15 touchdown passes a year. In 18 games he had 17 touchdown passes, less than one a game. The good ones in this league average 2 to 2.5.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd call out the New York Giants for giving ‘below average’ quarterback Daniel Jones a four-year, $160 million contract after throwing for just 17 touchdowns in 18 games last season.

Check out the segment above as Colin says it seems like the Mara family was so desperate to not replicate the miserable years after Eli Manning that they were complicit in simply giving a ‘very, very average’ quarterback like Jones whatever he wanted just so they wouldn’t seem as incompetent as the bungling rival New York Jets.

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