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02/26/2024 – Best of 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe

Hour 1: LaVar, Brady & Jonas – KEEP YOUR HAT ON

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to Cam Newton getting into a brawl with the “TSP Crew.” AJ Brown tries to downplay the drama in Philly and much more on “ICYMI.”

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Hour 2: LaVar, Brady & Jonas – COURT STORMING

People continue to be up in arms about fans storming the court after a Wake Forest fan hurt Duke’s Kyle Filipowski. The NFL looks to adopt the XFL’s model of kickoffs. Plus the “FSR IR.”

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Hour 3: LaVar, Brady & Jonas – BEFRIENIEMY

Eric Bieniemy joins DeShaun Foster’s staff at UCLA. The NFL Combine is not what it used to be. Producer Lee shares tales from the projection booth and much more on “You In or Out?”

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Draymond Green Show - Warriors / Nuggets Reaction + Breaking Down the MVP Race

Draymond Green discusses the Warriors tough loss to the Denver Nuggets, why Jokic is so difficult to guard, and how Aaron Gordon has transformed his game. Then he dives into the Western Conference playoff race, the MVP goalpost moving, and fights in the NBA. 

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2:00 Warriors / Nuggets 

15:00 MVP Race

18:00 Fights

Produced by: Jackson Safon

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Hour 1 – Bargain for Russ

Ben Maller talks about Russell Wilson being willing to take a veteran minimum contract in order to start for a team next season, NFL coaches skipping the scouting combine, Tee Higgins getting the franchise tag, and more!

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Hour 2 – Bieniemy in La La Land

Ben Maller talks about Eric Bieniemy being hired as offensive coordinator at UCLA, AJ Brown calling into sports radio to call out the media, a potential Saquon/Texans free agency pairing and more!

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Hour 3 – Bellinger's Back

Ben Maller talks about Cody Bellinger back to the Cubs, stupid MLB uniform changes, questions whether the MLBPA has a case against the Twins, and more!

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Hour 4 – NFL Rumors!

Ben Maller addresses rumors that the Vikings are open to trading Justin Jefferson, that the Rams are targeting Zach Wilson to backup Stafford, Sam Howell is expected to draw trade interest, and more!

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Colin Cowherd Podcast - “Dynasty”, NFL Salary Cap Explosion, Packers Draft Success, Steve Kerr Top 5 Guy In NBA History

Colin’s joined by John Middlekauff, host of “3 and Out”!

Colin starts by giving his review of his airline experience during his recent vacation (3:30), and they both give their reaction to the Patriots “Dynasty” documentary on AppleTV+ (7:30).

They explore the ramifications of the NFL’s massive jump in salary cap (18:15) and the reasons why the Packers have drafted and developed players better than almost any other team for decades (25:30).

They contrast the problems the NBA and MLB have with overpaying average players to the system in the NFL (40:00), and why Roger Goodell has done such an incredible job managing the NFL and its brand (44:00). 

Finally, Colin explains why Steve Kerr’s body of work has put him into Colin’s” top 5 guys” in NBA history (54:00) and tells a strange story that involves mistaken identity…and Taylor Swift (01:00:30)..

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