Odell Beckham Jr. Wearing a Watch During a Football Game Was Embarrassing

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns

Chris Broussard: “Rafael Nadal and Bubba Watson play with a watch on but they are ENDORSED by Richard Mille; Odell Beckham is not even endorsed by them and wore it on his own. He was apparently wearing it in practice too, which speaks to Freddie Kitchens. C’mon, if you see him wearing this in practice, you have to tell him to take the watch off. When you put on a wristwatch to play a football game that tells me your priorities are not in the right place. You only wear a watch to look cute, look cool, and impress people on social media and your boys. I get guys have their own little personal flavor, but a wristwatch?? It means your number one priority was not winning this football game, you were thinking too much about impressing the viewers. Are the coaches scared about calling OBJ on this? It shows me you’re not thinking what you need to be thinking to win football games.”
Rob Parker: “I don’t understand it, PLAY FOOTBALL. No one has worn a watch while playing football at any point in their life! Golf and tennis are not a contact sport! Where are the referees, where are the coaches??” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker rip Odell Beckham Jr. for wearing a six-figure priced Richard Mille wrist watch that has been reported costing in the range of $175,000 to even $350,000.

Many of Beckham Jr’s apologists around the sport have pointed to tennis stars like Rafael Nadal and golf stars like Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson also wearing watches during their tournaments, but Chris and Rob quickly shoot that theory down considering they aren’t contact sports.

Broussard says it’s got to be unnerving as Browns fans that Beckham, who isn’t even sponsored by Richard Mille, and who has no affiliation with the watch brand unlike Nadal, Mickelson, and Watson, was going out of his way THAT much to try and look ‘cool’ for social media, when he should be focuses more on football.

Parker says it’s an indictment on the Cleveland Browns coaching staff that they didn’t have the courage to tell Beckham to lose the watch, as OBJ had reportedly worn the watch all week at practice.

Check out the audio below as both Chris and Rob say this is an awful look for Beckham and the Browns.

Odell Beckham Jr. Wearing a Watch in a Football Game Was Embarrassing

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