Mike Mayock Needs to Get Over Himself and Let Antonio Brown Play

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals

Rob Parker: “This is such an overreaction and ‘Prisoner of the Moment’ ordeal. Oh my God! He got into an argument with the general manager! You need to rip his contract up! Mike Mayock is the ultimate leader and never gets anything wrong! What has Mike Mayock ever won?? Go look at his Draft boards the last five or six years, you would have asked yourself how the hell this guy ever got a job as a general manager, that’s how bad he was. It’s about whether the guy can play. It’s like they married an alcoholic and are shocked he wants booze. This is who he is and you can’t ask him to change. When you put up those numbers, your team puts up with that BS. Everyone is not a choir boy. Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin had a fight in the dugout with the Yankees and you know what they did? They STILL won a World Series. Teams fight and can’t stand each other and they still win. AB should be cut for an argument??” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why Oakland Raiders general manager Mike Mayock needs to get off his high horse and get over his spat with superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown, as reports of a heated argument between the two became another PR firestorm for a Raiders team already with a scorched earth of embarrassing stories this offseason.

Mayock took exception to Brown posting a letter on his official Instagram that Mayock had sent to AB notifying the four-time All-Pro that he was being fined for missing team activities.

The two reportedly had to be physically restrained from coming to blows with one another when Mayock approached Brown a day after the post went viral.

Rob argues that this was simply Antonio Brown being Antonio Brown and the Raiders knew exactly what they were signing up for when they traded for him.

Rob says inner turmoil isn’t much of a surprise in professional sports, and says that even some of the most legendary champions of all time had some tumultuous battles within.

Check out the audio below as Rob wonders why a guy like Mike Mayock, who has never won diddly squat, can just threaten to get rid of a future Hall of Famer just because they got in an argument where poor Mike felt embarrassed.

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Why Mike Mayock Needs to Get Over Himself and Let Antonio Brown Play

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