Clay Travis Has Fun With Tennessee Cash Bag Rumors

Clay Travis Has Fun With Tennessee Cash Bag Rumors

Clay Travis is reacting to yet another wild story out of the SEC. Tennessee has parted ways with now former head coach Jeremy Pruitt, and they have fired him with cause. There were several recruiting allegations, and following an internal investigation, Tennessee has now let him walk.

One story that has come out of this was broken by Dan Patrick. A source told Dan that some players were handed McDonald's bags full of cold hard cash when visiting on recruitment trips.

This story is humorous on its surface, imagining players carrying around McDonald's bags stuffed with coin, but Clay Travis isn't buying it entirely. Clay certainly believes that paying college football players is real, but in this case, he says there's no way that the dough was being transferred in McDonald's bags. They had to have been Chick-fil-A bags.

It's the South, and everybody loves Chick-fil-A. Clay also knows from experience, that after games when meals are being handed out to players, Chick-fil-A is by far the most common restaurant provided.

The Outkick crew chimes in as well and reacts to Clay's theory. Would Chick-fil-A bags have caused too much attention and that's why Tennessee went with Mickey D's? You've got to love the drama in and around the SEC.

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