Man Running 30 Marathons In 30 Days To Raise Money For Homeless Shelter

Greenville, North Carolina, 22-year-old Lucas Autrey is running 30 marathons in 30 days to raise money for the Community Crossroads Center, a local homeless shelter. He describes running as a practice of consistency and discipline that positively impacts his daily routine, and he hopes to inspire and serve his community through this endurance challenge.

Autrey’s fundraising will go a long way to helping to provide the Community Crossroads Center's shelter with always-in-demand essentials like bottled water, bath towels, toothpaste, and orange juice, which are distributed to residents every day. He’s already more than halfway to his goal, waking every morning at 4:30 a.m. to complete his marathon before heading to work at his full-time job. Despite the physical demands, he stays motivated by his faith and the desire to help and inspire others.

The fundraising effort is supported by Fleet Feet in Greenville, which is collecting donations through its website and at its store. All funds raised will go directly into a special account managed by Fleet Feet, who has pledged that every dollar will be used to support the Community Crossroads Center.

Source: WITN

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