Coffee Shop Customer Stops Man From Stealing Woman’s Laptop

Over the weekend, customers at a San Francisco cafe prevented a laptop theft. The incident occurred at Sana’a Cafe when a man grabbed a laptop and ran, only to be tackled by Henry Flynn, a security guard who was enjoying a cup of coffee nearby. He and other customers held the alleged thief until police arrived.

Flynn, who was outside the cafe, acted instinctively when he saw the man running with the laptop. Using his left arm, he nudged the thief, causing him to stumble, and then pinned him down. Other patrons assisted by holding the thief's limbs, following Flynn's instructions until the police arrived and arrested the 19-year-old suspect.

Flynn's actions have been praised widely, though he modestly says it was a collective effort. The laptop was returned to its owner, and despite cracking his phone screen during the altercation, Flynn wouldn’t accept a reward. A fourth-generation San Franciscan, he’s also running for mayor and hopes to unite the city's working class just like the cafe patrons came together during the incident.

Source: KRON 4

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