Teen Girl Stops Bus Full Of Students From Crashing Into Gas Station

An Australian teen prevented a potential disaster when she stepped into the driver's seat of her school bus, stopping it before it rolled into a gas station. Last week, Casino High School ninth-grader Izzy Miller was on a bus with 20 of her classmates when she noticed the bus inching forward, but no one was behind the wheel.

With the bus rolling across a busy road and heading straight at the pumps of the Liberty Gas Station, the 14-year-old student realized the potential danger and jumped into action. Izzy quickly got into the driver’s seat and steered the bus away from the multiple cars getting gas and pumped the brakes until the bus safely came to a stop. Surveillance footage from the gas station captured the tense moments, showing how close of a call it was.

Izzy’s quick thinking and decisive action were praised by her mother, Rebecca Miller, as well as her school principal, Trent Graham, who admitted that without her intervention, the situation could have been tragic. Erin Witton, the owner of the gas station, presented Izzy with a Certificate of Appreciation and a cash reward, writing on social media, “All the team at North Casino Mini Mart are in debt and just super thankful for this beautiful young lady.”

Source: ABC

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