Spider Allegedly Lays Eggs In Man's Toes On Cruise

Camel spider

Photo: Sheril Kannoth / iStock / Getty Images

A man in the UK has lived the ultimate nightmare, claiming that he’d been bitten by a Peruvian wolf spider, which had laid eggs in his toe. Colin Blake says the gruesome event went down while he was on a cruise in France celebrating his 35th wedding anniversary. Wolf spiders can be found in French port cities, thanks to their arrival on cargo ships, though The British Arachnological Society also calls the story Blake described "implausible". 

Once Blake arrived back in England, he was put in the hospital and treated with antibiotics. However, he says the docs who were treating him missed a spider egg when cleaning his toe, so they had to cut in there again and remove the extra pest. Meanwhile, Blake was denied the souvenir, recalling, "I did ask if I could keep it but they said no.” Shudder.

Read the full story at BBC

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