Cleveland Cavaliers - Hardwood Ecstasy And A Heck Of A Good Time

This does not happen too often with a regular season sporting event but last night after the Cavs came back from 20 down vs the Pacers to win by 13 my emotions were still bouncing off the walls, my chest (and there is NO pun intended here) felt like it was ready to burst open with excitement over this team! A gritty win to say the least and before we get into the sheer happiness of the "W" I need to get some scolding out of the way! OK, no need to raise your hands as to those (Yes, the rabble) before the season calling for the "heads" of Koby Altman and Kevin Love. Please be fans, have opinions but you really need to stop making yourself look stupid. I have shared mics with some who have called Kevin Love soft. Oh well...! I even received texts early in the game that Evan Mobley, who is only headed to being the ROY in the NBA this year is just not that good. Yeah the young fella was only a +10 for the game. Something else happened last night off the court too before the game as the same Koby Altman that was noted above stole hoops stud Caris LeVert from these same Pacers the Cavaliers played last night!

Ok, let's party! Sadly we saw the Pacers take a 20 point lead from the 10 minute mark of the 2nd that lasted :43 and Indy took an 11 point lead into the locker room at the half. I have noted before that in MOST NBA games the first 6 minutes of the 3rd quarter are usually the most important part of the game and at that marker Cleveland had cut the lead to 6. The 3rd ended with the Pacers up by 7 with the score 68-61. The CAVS wasted no time in getting turnt up in the 4th and here's a summation for most of the scoring barrage:

  • 11:42 - OSMAN 3 off a RONDO assist / 68-64 (Cavs down by 4)
  • 11:07 - OSMAN 3 off a LOVE assist / 68-67
  • 10:23 - OSMAN 2 off a RONDO assist / 68-69
  • 9:54 LOVE 3 off a RONDO assist / 68-72
  • 9:29 LOVE 3 off a OSMAN assist / 68-75
  • 9:09 OSMAN 2 off a RONDO assist / 68-77
  • 8:50 OSMAN 3 off a LOVE assist / 68-80 (YES, at this point the CAVALIERS have outscored INDY by 32 since the second quarter)
  • 7:42 LOVE 3 off a RONDO assist / 71-83
  • 6:27 OSMAN 3 off a RONDO assist / 76-89
  • 5:35p RONDO 3 off a OSMAN assist 76-91 and yes there was more! FINAL SCORE CAVALIERS 98 PACERS 85!

This was a special evening and I was shocked that we were not hearing "It's raining 3's hallelujah" over the P.A.! The team put bluntly loves each other and everyone is cheering for each other, Not sure how you cannot be enamored with this team!

ENJOY what is happening with the WINE AND GOLD...there are more good times ahead.

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