Browns Town? The Fans Say It Is...Need The Players To Back It Up!

Welcome to Monday the last powerful week of the year. MAKE IT HAPPEN! I know the Browns game was Saturday but I needed to walk away from this one. Yup the loss still stings but the inept play, players daring Covid and losing plus excuse makes and whiners made it a necessity to chill for a day or two.

Why did the team lose? Baker was not good, play calling was on that same level, a PK missing an extra point which cost the team a tie and a shot at OT. Was there a missed call by the Refs, SURE WAS. Did that lose the game? Absolutely not. I do not understand how people live their lives always blaming others for their miscues. "I cannot believe I got a ticket. I was only going 15 miles over the speed limit" or "Yeah I fell and broke my ankle, your step was slippery and ok, I am drunk but it's your fault." My gosh, my Dad would have gone for the Marine belt if I made excuses about the stuff Browns fans do! Gonna lay this on you...keep blaming others and you will be big losers. DANG...that last call should not even be talked about if there were not 3 other picks and horrific play calling down the stretch. I need to go stats on ya' here. Here are the number of carries the "bell cow" backs had for their teams: Raiders Jacobs - 27, Rams Michel - 27, Colts Taylor - 27, Browns Chubb 17! Think of the last drive Chubb accounted for 25 yards on 4 of the first 5 plays (3 rush, 1 pass) so what happens? Browns pass 3 times with a QB struggling and over. Yes there was also a big DPJ drop early on and Baker threw two off target passes to Njoku but there is something called "bailing your QB out."

Gonna leave you with this...HEY BROWNS...beat the STEELERS. That is the only game that matters. Do not ask me about scenarios and what other teams need to do. I do not roll that way. So you're hoping the beautiful woman turns down someone so you can ask her out? Dang bruh she is not going out with you anyway! I only care about what my team will do! Called being winners.

Browns...take Big Ben down in his last game in Pitt. Happy New Year!

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