Remember What The Door Mouse Said, Feed Your Head With RADIO!

Some "Munch Musings" for you on a bright North Coast Thursday morning...

Truly it is a treat attending sporting events in person or even watching them especially with the Pros we have calling the games on the local level however I have said it before and will say it again...just like the book is always better then the movie, listening to a sporting on the radio is so special. I know, I have made a living in radio for over 4 decades so yes I am biased but truth is truth and listening to a game is so cool. Heard! We use our minds when we listen to games and the picture in our brains is our photo that we snapped and we can go back over it at any time. Come on, having a catch with dogs and burgers on the grill when Hammie and Rosie are calling a ballgame is simply a "sacred event" and last night I decided to open up that door to my imagination as I let it paint the picture of the CAVS - Heat game called by TIM ALCORN and JIM CHONES on WTAM 1100.

I flashed back to being a kid again (still?) and my Dad tuning in the Phillips transistor radio and placing it next to my pillow so I could listen to the Tribe or even St. Louis Cardinals games on their powerhouse A.M. He also made sure prize fights were a reality (Cassius Clay then Muhammad Ali) along with some NBA games pre-Cavs which at the time consisted of the Pistons with Dave Bing ruling Cobo Hall or Royals games with the Big O, Flynn Robinson, the Van Arsdales, Jerry Lucas, Connie Dierking and more on the hardwood of the Cinci Garden or Cleveland Arena!

I became part of the game last night, running the court with DG, dropping dimes and playing D with Evan Mobley, ruling the paint with Allen and playing like Kevin Love played in a younger NBA life!

Here's what I night was a darn near perfect sports evening with the Cavaliers win plus listening to it on the radio! What is the saying? TRY IT, YOU'LL LOVE IT!

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