The Day The Music Died

And we were singing..."bye bye Cleveland Browns, got 4 picks and did little to nothing with them except to look like clowns..." Sheesh it hurts to pen that first line but that is exactly what happened. I need 10x the words available to me here to describe last nights loss in Baltimore...yes to the godless Ravens and their fans who worship a guy involved in a double murder plus no way to cover it had little remorse when they took our team.

When a team forces 4 TO's they should win...yes Browns were +2 in takeaways/giveaways and as noted earlier had the Browns won this would be the bigger story...Baker throwing 4 picks but in the land of crab cakes and the Inner Harbor the bigger story was the Ravens win! There are times I feel the rabble that follows the Browns would rather have the team lose with Baker as the QB...deep inside there is no doubt when I hear, read ignorant statements that he is "johnny 2.0"! Hey, he will gladly go to the Texans, trade him for Tyrod Taylor, would that make you happy?

What went right yesterday? The defense was heck bent for leather. Lamar is a super talent and very few can stop him when he is mobile. Yes on their TD we saw a wide open Andrews (although he was wide open the entire game) and 2 Browns DB's calling each other out (HEY COACHES, YOU can put a stop to that!) however Walker, JOK and Harrison were crazed dawgs making tackle. That is a must for Harrison who could not cover me to this day! is that it? Pretty much!

Team has a lot of work to do before the next game with the ravens. I will not sugarcoat the ball falling out of Baker's hand, that should NEVER happen and I do not like using absolutes. Now I need your help...Baker is so amazing he throws the ball and is still able to drop passes. Crazy how he does that. BUT IT IS ALL HIS FAULT! The drops were all killers. Hooper's at the end, njoku and DPJ with drops. Felton looking like he does not belong with a drop that hit his chest. HELP!! Calling for the Wildcat with Landry when Baker was in a groove, explain that? What about too many men on the field after a time out? How does that happen? D'Ernest Johnson in on the last drive and not Chubb or Hunt! We can go on and on with flat out stupid decisions on offense. Let's put salt in the wound too as the team needs a new Placekicker!

I am also still waiting for the "fans" to give me more playoff scenarios, and again my answer is "how about beating the ravens on December 12th!" Did the Browns season pretty much end last night in Baltimore? Sadly the answer is yes. 9-8 at best or even 8-9 in a year where 12 wins was possible. Here we go Brownies here we go...or perhaps it should be "there we went Brownies there we went..."!

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