The TRIV I knew!

My first day back at iHeartmedia Cleveland Seth Williams my Barbarian little brother sought me out before I went to the studio to do my show. "TRIV wants to see you." I asked "wants or needs" and I got a chuckle out of Seth. When I entered the studio Mike was screwing his mic into the stand (yes he used his own mic and took it home every night) and gave me "a look," He said come over here and as I walked around the console he started smiling. He noted "glad you are back and I was pretty rough on you when you left as I am on all" as ten years earlier I departed for another radio life. He then THANKED ME for sending a card with condolences when his wife passed away from cancer and proceeded to tell me about calls and letters he received laughing at him and his wife and noting many said "we are glad she passed away." I did request the envelopes to see if I could track down some of these lowlifes but he noted #don't bother. They are not worth it." TRIV then proceeded to give me his blessing and said "as long as I am here no one will screw with you." Well now that he is gone when will it start? I say that with a chuckle. That was the TRIV I knew. I also knew the TRIV that would motion for me to come by the studio during commercials and ask me some questions as I am a registered Democrat and he is on record wondering how we could look in a mirror at night. He would say "I heard that you voted for DeWine" or another member of the GOP" and I would noted "I always vote for the best man or woman." He enjoyed that take and said he wished more people would do that.

I respected the heck out of the man for having a FLIP PHONE! How's that for flipping off the world he lived in that he did not understand. Now there are some limitations with that beast but TRIV always sent me a "good job TY" when I did a special show on WTAM 1100, a station we both love and are (were) honored to be a part of". I heard from TRIV after the Michael Stanley and 9/11 specials and he always made sure to send a "WAY TO GO" for the St. Augustine Hunger Center Food Drive the day before Thanksgiving. He was humble when he he was raising millions of dollars and tens of thousands of coats for COATS FOR KIDS and people praised him for those actions. Mike also would reach into his pocket and feed station folks when a food truck was around and we were out doing an event. Another time my wife and I were eating lunch at TRIV's Restaurant in Strongsville. They do have the best French Onion soup in the city. TRIV was there and came over and joined us and we "chit chatted," small talk or as my Dad would say "we chewed the fat." When he left my #DonnaStrong noted "wow he IS just a regular guy" from Cleveland. Thing is he was more than that and even TRIV did not like the fact that occasionally he would say something tongue in cheek or facetiously and people acted on his words in a hateful, physical manner.

Something else stands out to me, another side of TRIV most people did not see. After his Mother's funeral a few years ago he grabbed me after Mass and said "how does it feel to be an orphan as now I am joining you in that club." A big hug came with that comment.

Above you will note that I displayed a photo of the LAND for this story. TRIV loved his family and this city. It is fitting to show it as we talk about him and doubt on he's either in a "Focus Group" up above or barking at Pete Franklin. ADIOS AMIGO...long may you run.

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