Browns Victory Friday

Welcome to BROWNS Victory Friday! It sounds weird but the message is GREAT and was much needed. What the heck happened in the Browns 17 -14 win over the Broncos?

The city was buzzin' which means the bars, restaurants, hotels, tail gate lots were all rockin' which is always a good thing. Even better was when the Browns won the coin toss Head Coach Kevin Stefanski "scratched his nose with his middle finger" at analytics and took the ball first! YES the Browns first drive was their best drive of the day and actually the game winner. I am NOT anti-progress but for the most part analytics in play calling and game strategy is the death of a team. Now I will remind you General Patton NEVER deferred nor should anyone winning the toss. Brilliant move by Coach Stefanski to get Case and offense warmed up and confident. YES that first drive was the game winner as the team never looked back.

Of course we must point out Case Keenum was good in his first start as a Brown and D'Ernest Johnson ran like a back possessed! Great stutter step when needed, through and around the D plus he caught two passes. Problematic in the passing game - OBJ's hands are not Purell...99.9% effective! We also saw what Jarvis Landry means to the team. Hope he heals in a hurry. Even though he was hobbled it was great to get Jed Wills Jr. back at LT!

Defensively Anthony Walker is truly the stabilizing force on D! Pass defense is still frightening and where was the pressure on a hobbled Teddy Bridgewater?

Now 10 days to get better or at least lessen the pain and get ready for the Steelers. Browns got an important W, one they truly had to have and they came through!

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