Matt Loede...A Valiant Man Of Faith And Courage

It was the Fall of 1999 and the Cleveland Browns had returned to the lakefront in a new home and North East Ohio was filled again with chants of "Here we go Brownies here we go WOOF WOOF." 100.7 WMMS along with WTAM 1100 were the Flagship stations and all of our Clear Channel (now iHeartmedia) signals were getting involved with the pride and community fervor the Browns invoked in all of us. I was doing a pregame show with Jimmy Malone on MAJIC 105.7 (WMJI) from 9a-Noon at the Chop House on St. Clair and from the get go the place was packed with revelers enjoying their brunch and yes a beverage or two. We always looked for guests to join us and we found out about an eager young fella by the name of Matt Loede. After an internship with WHK (sports talk at the time) Matt was with many outstanding media outlets - AP, NBC, Fox Sports, Sporting News and lately Outkick. Matt would show up every Sunday with a smile on his face whether it was 75 or 25 degrees, blue skies, sun rain or snow. He just did not come to join us with that smiling visage as he also came with great information and insight on the game, the Browns and their opponents. He was confidant and it was a good thing. NEVER cocky.

As time went on Matt was always a "go to" guy when many people in sports talk all over North East Ohio needed a knowledgeable guest. Think about this...Matt started his fight in the Spring of 2019 and was available most of the time at any time to add information during this fight up until about a month ago. With any lead time at all Matt answered the bell. He always ended conversations, texts, on air appearances with "I LOVE YOU." Of course myself and all others felt the same.

I cannot forget a Friday evening late in the Summer of 2019 on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario. I was hosting the Tribe Insider and Extra Innings shows on WTAM 1100 and planned on watching the game from our broadcast booth. The official name is Booth A but when the Indians won it was designated as the party booth. Al Pawlowski and Jensen Lewis also use the booth as a pregame and postgame staging area. As the game progressed someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Matt Loede who was at the game with his wife Shanna. It was a ROCK N BLAST evening and Shanna had never experienced this spectacular. The Loede's hung with us for most of the game and Matt's joy and enthusiasm was like that of a youngster (as he was) with his best gal on a date night. We talked between pitches, innings and when ever something transpired during the game. It was a special night.

A smile...that is how I will always remember Matt. Matt made YOU feel better when he was in a struggle to survive. He joined me frequently to talk Tribe on the morning show heard on Fox Sports 1350 The Gambler and he was always able and eager to contribute. This is tough. So tough I could not sit and enter these words yesterday. Matt was an Angel as he made everyone else smile too especially with some of his "tongue in cheek" comments in the Press Box. Saying he will be missed is an understatement. There are huge holes in so many folks hearts that will take a lot of time to heal. No doubt Matt is in so many hearts and souls that he will not be forgotten. Another "local guy" who did great...worked his tail off in the spirit of this great hard working area. A true, proud Parma Redman. A loving husband and friend...a professional comrade and Brother. You will always be with us Matt. Thank you for being you. I love YOU Matt Loede.

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