Why Baseball Is Truly the National Past Time

Why I love baseball! Last Wednesday the Dodgers and Padres played a 16 inning game. I will not let the "runner" on 2nd taint the outcome to me but this ballgame overcame that travesty and was magnificent! Why? It "had it all"...

* Pitchers duel with Buehler and Snell for 7 innings!

* Billy McKinney (who?) with the tie breaking single in the top of the 15th for LA!

* Mr Excitement Tatis Jr belts a 2 run blast in the bottom of the 15th for SD to tie the game!

* AJ Pollock counters with a 2 run shot in top of 16th to push the Dodgers back on top!

* Padres went hitless plus 2 K's in the save from Greene to close in the bottom of the 16th!

YES I watched the game and LOL I do not care for either team! In the NL I am a GIANTS fan ESPN had it on, I love baseball and got hooked!

Sunday afternoon after a 3 hours plus rain delay the TRIBE rallied to beat the Red Sox on an obstruction call! YES IT WAS OBSTRUCTION. That is why I am here to HBO! The bosox SS got in the way of Oscar Mercado. Mercado was thrown out at home but the Ump immediately pointed to the SS and allowed the run to score. Boston came close to another obstruction when the pitcher was standing on 3rd and jump off when Mercado went flying by! To qualify and simplify OBSTRUCTION is the call vs the Defense, while INTERFERENCE is the call vs the Offense. With an interference call the play is immediately called dead. With obstruction the umpire signals that but the play continues to its natural end. After the play the ump places the runner at the most advanced base where he believes the runner COULD have ended up. For the TRIBE that was at home!


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