Munch's Medicated Ointment Will Cure What Ails You In Sports!

I really treasure all music regardless of genre. GOOD MUSIC IS GOOD MUSIC from Classic Rock to Modern Pop, R&B to Motown, Baroque to the Sounds of Asbury Park! I was listening to some classic rock yesterday and the song "MEDICATED GOO" by Traffic was playing. It hit times we all need a MEDICATED SPORTS OINTMENT to tighten us up and here it is:

The INDIANS 3-2 win over the Angels to close out the road trip was HUGE! Tribe was only 3-4 on the left coast swing and this just is not cool against the teams they played. Why was the 3-2 win that big? THE INDIANS WON A CLOSE LOW SCORING GAME which means they got some timely hits but had great pitching and good defense (except for a triple lost in the sun). Remember the team is 18-2 in games when they score 4 or more runs which means since they are 23-18 over all they are 5-16 (Ouch) when they score less than 4! HUGE WIN!

BRAVO COREY KLUBER! A NO NO for one of the greatest Indians of all time, 'cept he tossed that gem as a Yankee. Why? Those "darn cheap owners" and I am not talking Indians here (as too much tire, inane dialogue is wasted on that topic) but the RANGERS, in the 8th largest market in baseball refused to pay him 18 million this year so he Yankees jumped in. Remember two things and the first is even more of a tribute to this great player! Many in the medical field felt Corey was done after tearing a muscle in his shoulder to start the 2020 season in Texas. KUDOS to him for coming back but one more item cannot be ignored...the YANKEES have coveted the Klubot for years, especially in 2017 when he went 18-14 and won his 2nd CY YOUNG and again in 2018 when his record was 20-7. I have shared with you the story of receiving a phone call from the Press Box at Yankee stadium during a rain delay in 2018 from sports folks I know asking "what planet is Kluber from"? There has been a love affair with COREY and the NY Fans, media and team for a few years. Here's what I know: I will continue to root for Klubs UNLESS he tosses against the Tribe and then I hope he loses but looks decent in taking the loss!

LeBron does it again last night vs the Warriors. He is MAGIC with the Lakers as The GOAT hit a 34 - 3 pointer with 58.2 ticks on the clock for the go ahead basket on the way to a 103-100 Lakers win. For icing on the cake he hit it over Steph Curry. LeBron added some levity to the situation too noting that after being poked in the eye he saw 3 rims and shot at the middle one. There is a Mickey Mantel story here for another time! Now what is one of the main MUNCH HOOPS COMMANDMENTS? Guard the inbounder AND have valid inbounds plays! Well tell that to Steve Kerr as Golden State had a chance to send the game to OT but Kent Bazemore had a bad inbounds pass and that is all she wrote.

I will finish today with a great story! Cleveland State has extended the contract for Head Basketball Coach DENNIS GATES for another 6 years! CONGRATS Coach, CSU and CLEVELAND! A win for all of us and there is no doubt a viable D1 hoops program downtown is not only great for CSU but for #ThisIsCLE! This gent is great coach, great recruiter and even better man! There is no doubt much of the sunshine we are seeing today is coming from two of Dennis's mentors John Thompson and John Chaney smiling down from Heaven!

Thanks for checking this out and remember now more than ever: It's YOUR world, pay attention.

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