A Lot of Browns...A Little Life!

Frequently when I am doing my morning show on Fox Sports 1350 The Gambler or a show on WTMA 1100, I refer to "Dan Patrick moments," times where things are so obvious people ignore or look past them to rewrite history. Last football season Dan, without naming names, blasted the NY Giants for complaining that the Eagles were losing a game on purpose to keep the Giants out of the post season. The "Dan Patrick Moment" was when he called out a player (former Browns guy) and said "you were 6-10, win 1 or 2 more games you are in. This is on YOU not the Eagles." Thanks DP! Lately I have been very lucky to have "Terry Pluto Moments." Sure we think of Terry as a great author and sports journalist but his "Faith and You" columns weekly in the PD and Cleveland.com are tremendous and make me count my blessings. The other morning I was in need of sleep like always and the new puppy needed to go out so there is no "sleeping in" even when I am off "Munch On Sports." It was raining which added to my joy but at least Roscoe (new puppy) knows that outside is his "facilities." This little guy runs out, feels the rain, and starts running in circles having the time of his life. My thoughts? Not that I was getting soaked but WOW I just experienced an 8 week old's first time in the rain! It was special. I also need to SHOUT OUT Josh Cribbs being honored by the Salvation Army. Josh helps so many not for the accolades but because they need assistance in so many ways and he adheres to the adage "Whatsoever you do to the least of these Brothers and Sisters of MINE, you did for ME." Thank you Josh.

Let's hit the BROWNS HONOR ROLL and right now there are 8 names, the players drafted by Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns. Again COMPETENCE reared its marvelous head in this draft and yes the team drafted the best player available for need! Best of both worlds. So many were saying (yes many who also wanted Simmons last year instead if Wills Jr.) the the "Browns must take the best player available regardless of need" in this draft. So if a RB, TE, QB was the best player up the team should have grabbed him? THANKS BROWNS for staying your course. Not just the BROWNS and the "Hype Train" that ESPN was calling the team which I absolutely abhor as "hype" means extravagant or extensive promotion to draw attention to something! The BROWNS are real with GREAT COACHES AND FOOTBALL PLAYERS and they do not need hype. WINS WILL DRAW ATTENTION TO THE TEAM. This is the REALITY TRAIN brothers and sisters and it is going to be a fun ride. The "ORANGE AND BROWN" express. For the drafted players:

Something I expect from Greg Newson II is what EVERY First Rounder should bring to the table and that is MAKE AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT. Not too much to ask as it is what First Rounders are supposed to do and sadly over the last decade that rarely happened to our team. JOK...where's the chip on your shoulder. Dawg you felll from 18-21 to 52! You better be ticked and Anthony Schwartz, you have not returned kicks or punts in college. LEARN AND LEARN quickly. Speed kills (along with finding the seam and pushing those punts right up the gut) and the Browns return games have been nonexistent. To the rest of the drafted fellas especially on DEFENSE where there are still thin spots, play smart, tough and be accountable. Where have we heard that before? Will rounds 4 - 6 players even make the team? IT IS ON THEM! Buckeye Tommy Togiai and Mountaineer Tony Fields II seem to be the best bets as their position group is still thin!

It's Sunday a "day of rest" for Andrew Berry and the Browns "brain trust" and coaches. This is the first time in quite awhile I am not mocking using the saying "brain trust." Rest up gents as there is A LOT of work to do but a hearty THANK YOU is in order.

Thanks too to David Gilbert and the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, Destination Cleveland, Joe Marinucci and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, CPD and all the merchants and their teams for making our city SHINE brightly. Even Raves and Steelers fans echo my sentiments and THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

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