Browns Get An A+!

WOW! Thank you Andrew Berry and the Browns for a rousing start to the 2021 season. I am a tough grader...NO CURVE...and no doubt right today with picks in Rounds 1,2 and 3 the grade is an A+! WHAT? HOW? WHY?

  • Berry and his boys ignored the truly misguided (I am being nice) pleas from the "fans" to draft a WR first just like they did last year when folks clamored for a LB/SS and the team needed a LT!
  • Novel approach sadly AND THE BROWNS DID WHAT THERE WERE SUPPOSED TO DO! This gang is competent!
  • CB was the biggest need on D (followed by LB then DT) and the BROWNS grabbed Greg Newsome II in the first round. A Berry player as the Northwestern guy has smarts.
  • Many wondered why Jeremiah Owusu-Karamoah fell to 52. He was projected 18-21 and the BROWNS were thinking of moving up to get him. They got him and that is what matters! I am hearing that he refused to take the Wonderlic and get a Cardiac MRI. Prolly did not want to answer questions like "If a piece of rope cost 20 cents per 2 feet, how many feet can you buy for 30 dollars?" Hey my skills are rudimentary but the answer is 300 feet.
  • Now there is something deep to Andrew trading up to get JOK. Analytics despises trading up so even more LOVE to Berry. Again the analytics for choosing players must be FOOTBALL ACCUMEN based on the evaluator's brain, eyes and heart!
  • What about Anthony Schwartz? He's freaking fast and has caught the ball and turned the receptions into YAC (yards after catch) or RAC (run after catch). Also can run the Jet Sweep.
  • I keep seeing signs reading "SPEED KILLS" all over the old Oakland Coliseum for the Raiders. Some will be warranted on the Lakefront this Fall with Schwartz and even JOK!

Now a quick scolding! I am getting texts, DM's and more noting "Now that we have Schwartz the Browns can get rid of OBJ'? Pardon freaking me? Get rid of a top talent in the league for a player who has NOT taken a snap in the NFL?! COME ON! Also hearing "we now have our return guy." Oh yeah, he has NEVER returned a Punt ot Kick Off! I need to stop right there.

#BlessUP and indeed #ThisIsCLE!

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