Sports Gumbo and It Is Delicious!

Frequently you hear me or read my prose talking about a myriad of sports topics, mainly NE Ohio related. Now you all know too I am big fan of the culture of New Orleans especially the cooking so let's whip up a sports gumbo (heck even a jambalaya) and LET'S TALK!

So cool the NFL Draft is in our great city. Love that fans can go to www.rockthe and get all the 411 you need to max out the NFL Draft experience. No doubt #ThisIsCLE! Ok enough cheerleading for ALL of NE Ohio! Bottom line a few things that have been said by the Browns are not valid in my world which is the world of NO NONSENSE and less BS! Things are LOOKING UP for the Browns and I will address this just to get it out of the way. We were fed too much incompetent drivel by Sashi Brown and sadly his minions as well as ownership echoed this nonsense. Do not forget analytics got us Coleman, Kessler, first rounders not worthy of being taken in the first round and a QB room where there were ZERO NFL wins and more sadness! Do not tell me that the Browns are where they are due to 3-13, 1-15 and 0-16! If that regime was still in power players that are NOT football players would still rule the roster. Sure you need (I am really saying that) analytics to a degree and I dismayed the Browns are a heavy user. Look to last year! There are many cases of analytics being bogus and the Titans game was one. Browns were up 38-7 at the half and outscored 28-3 in second half. WHY? The computer told them the Titans did not have enough time to come back! Curious if the laptop did not think that Henne would run for 13 1/2 yards then pass for a first down in the KC playoff game. That makes my skin crawl. Now bottom line for the Draft is do not tell me the player(s) being picked are "not for this year but the future." This team is on the verge of greatness with a few more holes filled and players taken dang well better help out this year! One more draft note...the NINERS will be stupid NOT to take Justin Fields!

Gotta talk Tribe. 9 hits and 4+ run a game should be enough to win many more than this team loses with the pitching especially the back end pitchers! Team must get a lead off hitter with production. Cesar Hernandez is now in that spot and he is NOT a .190 hitter. It is fair to say he should tack on 70 points to that BA! Also Josh Naylor is your first baseman. Kid plays the game with his "hair on fire" and Bobby Bradley is doing nothing that warrants him a trip to the bigs. Bobby, rip the cover off the ball when the minors start next week then come up. I also have to single out CF. Amed Rosario is looking better out there daily but the stick is missing. Now I cannot compare Amed or even Andres Giminez to Frankie but in the case of Andres I am disappointed in his fielding. Truly his arm lacks zip, he is missing a step getting to balls especially on his glove side plus he is handcuffed by hard shots. By the way I still have the team at a minimum of 89 winds!

Now we know the Cavs will lose more than they win by double digits. Still when a full compliment of players is available they are fun to watch and can beat any team. Problem is they have been down to 7 players at times and it is debatable if all these are NBA worthy. Right now the injured list may have more players than I have fingers! Notice I said "I" not "you"! Also I must address the Kevin Love inbound play vs Toronto. Not cool at all and he said so. Sadly an unfound dislike of this guy is puzzling and bizarre. Is it like Grady when he was with the Tribe? You are insecure and your better half is hotter for him than you? PLEASE do not say "we should have kept Wiggins." If that happened there would be NO Championship. Kevin screwed up and I guarantee you he did not enjoy being out all those games! Now we all love Larry Nance Jr. Look up how many games he has missed. Not tossin' shade at my dawg's ok because he's one of us, Larry's kid and we dig him. Be fair and not jealous!

Always my best and truly for now ADIOS AMIGO, Long May You Run and remember now more than ever: it's YOUR world pay attention.

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