Tribe IS Resilient!

Now there will always be for some truly bizarre, twisted reason, detractors of the Cleveland Indians even though over the last 8 years they have had winning records in all eight campaigns, made the post season 5 times and appeared in the World Series while inexplicably it is forgotten that the team on the lakefront went 39-88-1 in that period of time and yes a 11-5 2020 campaign and a respected Head Coach bode well for the future. Now isn't it about time they carry some meaningful weight in the Cleveland sports scene. By the way shout out to's Doug Lemerises for triggering that train of thought.

For the Indians it very well can be Tito, the pitching or fortitude of the players on this years Indians team but some bad loses in the last week were followed by victories! Chris Spielman taught me years ago that in adverse situations a team and or person has two options - fold or fight - and it is obvious the Indians FIGHT BACK! Last Monday on the South Side of Chicago Yu Chang handed a game to the White Sox with a mental and physical error, then the next night Shane Bieber righted the ship and the Indians came back with a 2-0 win! After getting NO HIT on Wednesday the team won 4-2 Thursday AND after Josh Naylor's error at first (there is a 1B issue here) led to a Red Legs win Saturday the Indians again came back Sunday to win 6-3. Now stop handing the other teams games and the season will be much more appealing.

Before I leave you here some thoughts on the Tribe:

  • Triston McKenzie...STOP WALKING HITTERS!
  • Emanuel throw 100+! NO MORE NIBBLING!
  • Cesar Hernandez keep making contact. You are a NOW a sub .200 and those balls will start to drop.
  • Franmil Reyes you MUST stop swinging at balls. I know you are aggressive but knock it off.
  • Andres Giminez FOCUS! You need to get to more ground balls in the hole.

Now the White Sox come in for 2 (Tuesday and Thursday) then the Yankees for 4. YO TRIBE go 4-2! That's it!

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