Why The Tournament Is Filled With Sadness and Gladness!

No doubt MADNESS is more than an appropriate term for what is going on in Indy. At times MADNESS is fun as in Horror Movies and Amusement Park rides to name a few and no doubt there has been plenty of horror plus ups and downs in the 2021 Tournament.

Think about one of the top "Munch Commandments" when it comes to basketball on any level and no doubt Cleveland State Head Coach Dennis Gates agrees with me on this and look at his lineage in learning the game! GUARD THE INBOUNDER! Why and how was Alabama able to get up court and hit a three to put their game vs UCLA into OT? The INBOUNDER was left unguarded. MADNESS! Granted Syracuse was able to hold off West Virginia in the 2nd round but their attempts at inbounding the ball as time wore down were as painful as a medical procedure without being put under! 2 of the greatest hoops plays in history happened due to the fact the INBOUNDER was NOT guarded. Duke's Laettner's game winner against Kentucky after the 3/4 court pass from Grant Hill and in the NBA Michael Jordan's "shot." If you are a NE Ohio resident the next time you see Warrensville Heights Mayor Brad Sellers ask him (yes he was the INBOUNDER) what that meant to the "Shot"!

More MADNESS equals missed free throws (what happened to shooting 100 after every practice), throwing the ball away carelessly with unforced errors and not passing to open men however there has been so much more MADNESS that is making me and others smile!

  • Upsets;
  • Max Abmas getting a terrific look at a THREE BALL at the buzzer that did not drop and it would have propelled ORU into the Elite 8;
  • The PAC 12 turning into their tourney;
  • The frenetic pace by many teams "flying" up and down the court and not losing control (Oregon State, Baylor, Arkansas come to mind);
  • The return and the play of the BIG MAN in the paint especially on offense. Yes I am particularly enamored with Dickinson from the u of m;
  • Heady guard play of slowing the game down, speeding it up, resetting when needed!

No doubt in my mind that we are witnessing again the greatest sporting event known to mankind! Yes even greater than Pro Football playoffs along with Hight Schools and Colleges, Baseball post season and more. ENJOY and when all is said and done the undefeated ZAGS will hoist the trophy.

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