It's a song that when you hear it you immediately know what it is perhaps even if you cringe. Tony Basil sang "OH MICKEY" and going back over the lyrics it appears they were aimed at Mickey Callaway the now suspended pitching coach of the LA Angels or perhaps he felt the lyrics suited himself!

"Hey Mickey! You've been around all night and that's a little long, You think you've got the right but I think you've got it wrong, Why can't you say goodnight so you can take me home, Mickey" or even the open to the song "Oh Mickey, you're so fine, You're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey, Hey Mickey."

I do treasure the fact that an Angels spokeswoman made the statement on the suspension of Callaway as the pitching coach however it would be better had she NOT had to do this! Again a male in a position to help someone's career abused his position of authority to "assist a female reporter" in getting the scoop. Yes he offered team secrets in exchange for some tender moments with female reporters. He did admit that "any relationship he did have was consensual which means he did not abide by his vows. Right there is a violation of trust! Again I cannot get over the fact that he offered a reporter information about what pitch a pitcher throws or other "private" information just to jump into the sack with the reporter. Hands down he is a loser.

When the smoke clears and if he is found guilty reparations must be made to the reporters, women TRYING to do their jobs, and a ban from baseball is in order!

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