Unwritten rules ARE THERE to be broken!

Here we go as it is time to RING OUT THE OLD AND RING IN THE NEW Generation of baseball player to save the game! Spaceman Lee, Sarge Matthews, The Bird Fidrych and so many more taught us that baseball IS a kids game played by adults making a lot of money! On Monday (August 17th) Fernando Tatis Jr. stepped to the plate in Arlington, Texas in the 8th inning with his team leading 10-3 and the bases loaded. The Rangers pitcher, Juan Nicasio, no doubt had control problems walking 2 in the inning and and going to 3-0 on three straight batters including NANDO when he grooved the 3-0 pitch that Tatis Jr. promptly deposited out of the park for a grand slam. Texas skipper Chris Woodward was livid and Padres skip Jayce Tingler acted the part of a Jim Gray "lap dog" by noting Tatis Jr. ignored a "take sign." Jayce, your guy had one hand delivered and don't you want your guys swinging at strikes? Eric Hosmer even chewed out NANDO and E...you are a freaking mercenary going to a bad team for the moolah! Woodward and Rangers...isn't that your job to get him out or is this another new Manfred rule where hitters need to give up when they lead by 7 or more in the 8th or later? Shucks Tatis Jr. just started legally buying beer on the 2nd of January this year! What happened here is refreshing for the game and no doubt it needs it. We need more Ken Griffey Jr.'s wearing their caps backwards and we need more guys bunting down third if the opposition shifts to the right side!

Now two "unwritten rules" I do not mess with are throwing high behind a batters head or stealing with a 10 run lead in the 8th or later. Flip your bat at the plate on a home run, pump your fist when you send a guy back to the dugout with his lumber or holla! The GAME needs us and here's hoping you break a few rules today!