It's time we stop, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down...

The headline for my words that follow could very well have been "All we are saying" but we have been saying that for a few decades now and peace nor change appear to be the light at the end of the tunnel. There are too many times that I feel the light is a train heading right at us. "US" is CIVILization enhancing the word CIVIL and the train roaring down the track is intolerance, injustice and pure hate. What have we learned? The senseless death of another CIVILian of color provoked demonstrations as it should. People needed to raise their voices in disdain over what took place in Minneapolis although I question why the killing of the jogger in Georgia did not raise more ire in the populace but when the actions lead to wanton destruction I remember MLK's words "A riot is the language of the unheard" and try to apply them to what has transpired. There is no doubt that some people are driven mad by what is going down and truly are not rational in their actions and decisions. There is also no doubt in my mind these actions tarnish the reason people got together in the first place - to pay homage and remember a man who sadly faced a police officer who was judge, jury and executioner. This allows those that smirk over authority sanctioned killings and sickly actually support these acts the opportunity to label all the protesters as criminals. No doubt anger is not rational and the divide in our great land is a widening schism when we need to bring people together. It also is time to turn our backs on the few agitators - and yes there are some - that promote this wanton destruction for another agenda...their own and their sad group or followers.

Truly I want and need to sing We shall overcome, We shall overcome,We shall overcome, some day. Oh, deep in my heart I do believe, We shall overcome, some day but I wish it would be, as it appears to me now, only a song.

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