O - H..."Munch OH NO"!!

Here we go and truly it has not been the first time I have said something I regret and no doubt an apology is in order. Now I have shared with you before that when someone says something and counters with "but I did not mean it" they are lying so indeed what I noted verbally I truly meant but this should have been kept inside as it was a personal attack on someone I have never met. I have shared with you before (daily) the unhealthy disdain I have for the team from the state up north. Sad as I consider BO and LLOYD to be college football heroes and top of the line human beings and my sons COULD HAVE PLAYED FOR THEM given the chance. I do not mind sharing that I consider some that wore the maize and blue to be best friends (no name dropping here) but I cringe when I see their uniforms, shake when I hear their fight song and I am certain u of m backers all park in handicapped spaces. I also shudder when a vehicle with "their plates" drives by. Petty too as I treasure many places in the state up north (Mackinaw, Traverse City, the U.P., Acme, etc) except for ann arbor, and have spent an hour driving around it to head north! Truly not normal or heathy.

When the Browns took their 6th choice in the draft all of the above kicked in...I will make no excuse as I was flat out wrong to not suppress my feelings as a Christian and 40 year pro for an individual that I do not know. After his interview I even sad to myself "that is a polite, well spoken young man." I will also will say as I did to Braylon, Shea and others that when the orange helmet comes on "you are a Browns player." So why did I utter my moronic statements? You got it...at that time a village lost its idiot and it was me. What's done is done and I cannot take it back except to say I regret the words I penned on social media and issue sincere, heartfelt apologies to Donovan and his family. I also say frequently that when I look in the mirror at night I need to look at a person that was the best they could have been that day...I could not say that Saturday evening.