I got Friday on my mind!!

Sitting around the dinner table tonight Mrs. Munch blurts out "I miss baseball especially "Hammie and Rosie" and before I can WOW I REALLY LOVE YOU it hit me...this is the same woman that at one of our early dates at a Denison BIG RED football game (Indeed "Touch the Rock") she was able to identify Keith Piper's SINGLE WING! Not by name, but she asked "why do they break the huddle like a snake" (The famous SERPENTINE approach to the line of scrimmage) and the topped was when she said "why is the signal caller behind the guard and the center is snapping the ball to one of the backs" and yes similar to the movie DINER this woman not only passed even though she was not given a test but proved she had her sports PHD! I got lucky.

A few other thoughts also came to mind...I saw the name Shareef Abdur-Rahum in a hoops story and immediately thought of the balla from Cal Berkeley who languished in Vancouver with the Grizzles and had trying times with the likes of Big Country! He is now the President of the G LEAGUE and it turns out the league is in the news as top HS recruit Jalen Green is going to the league and by passing college. Now the unscrupulous knaves at the ncaa are enough to make anyone not desire to be under their jurisdiction but this young fellow feels the $500,000 and one year development will do him good. What about point guard LaMelo Ball? He played in Australia and is more then ready for the 2020 NBA draft. Sheesh I love his game...6'8" point guard is a key while his court vision is insanely good for a youngster.

Let's talk Browns uniforms and the team and just to set the record straight I did not listen to the Depodesta presser today. I could not think of a baseball question to ask him! The uniforms are fine...I would have scrapped brown pants (just not a fan) for orange but I am fine with them. People who are complaining vociferously need to be asked "what did you want"? All I hear is something different...Brownie the Elf on the helmet (heavens forbid) or the sleeve? Now let's get some WINS associated with these uniforms and one mo'...DRAFT A LT at #10!

Please stay safe and healthy. We'll speak soon!

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