The Times They are a-Changin

The times they are a changin’ or no doubt have changed at least for the present. Simple things make me smile…I was checking my schedule and over the weekend I had two “TRIBE INSIDER” shows to do before the Indians – Rays games Friday and Saturday and lo and behold I had “CAVS NOW” duties tonight. You wish our teams and others were still doing what we treasure – play games – then you read that one of the men who you enjoy seeing play, Karl-Anthony Towns, mother Jacqueline Cruz, passed away from the corona virus. We cannot put out heads in the ground over this one! As Earle Bruce taught me “you do that and you will get your butt kicked.” Just when we are begging for normalcy and a return to a plate of wings and a beer plus watching and going to games reality rears its VERY ugly head again. More than Mrs. Cruz have passed away but this is the topper…the cold slap in the face…when there are no restrictions on who the Grim Reaper disguised as Covid-19 takes.

Interesting to see the baseball game in Taiwan with empty stands but crowded dugouts. As OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith noted a few days ago (LOL as I rarely if ever have agreed with him) when he said “we may play in empty stadiums but how do we make sure the players are safe?” Makes sense to me. The same would go for MLB in Arizona and Florida which to me is much more palatable than all teams in Arizona. Are the teams safe? That would include more than just the players…managers, coaches, trainers, broadcasters, etc. Plus with the “safe distance” how does a batter – catcher – ump figure in plus holding someone on base means being close to them. I wish I had a solution.

We’ll speak soon on WTAM 1100 and Fox Sports 1350 until then…stay healthy and stay safe.