What's right is right!

So much happening on (as I like to say) my SPORTS GOURD I was not sure where to start. I wish everything here was from the “toy chest” of sports as that is what SPORTS really should be…the TOY DEPARTMENT OF LIFE but for now it is not that way. So many abuse their standing and how others put them on a pedestal so yes there are hassles with individuals as well as the over all “machines” (NFL, MLB, NCAA, etc) that get under my and I am certain OUR skin!

I can go on and on about the crooked NCAA (read the new JERRY TARKANIAN book and you will be disgusted that group still exists) when I smile again and counter them with the story of OBIDIAH TOPPIN (aka Dayton's OBI) who no doubt would turn the CAVS around in a year with the existing talent on the team!

I am not as bummed as I thought I would be with the INDIANS opener being postponed tomorrow due to the repercussions of groups congregating with covid-19 on the loose. Sure it is a special day but it is also special to save lives. I am devastated as to the loss of income for the bartenders, servers and their establishments downtown and all over due to the cancellations of the MAC and NCAA tourneys plus ancillary events. Truly my heart breaks for you…I just wish that would pay some of your bills.

So many are on edge and perhaps things we would usually let slide we comment on. This morning a dear friend posted a clip of Sammy Sosa running around Wrigley with an American Flag. Rather than smile I thought of his along with McGwire’s deception of baseball fans in the Summer of ’98 when the race to eclipse a fair and honorable Roger Maris was taking place. Sammy and Mark were thieves stealing the HR record and thank golly they are not in the Hall of Fame. I treasured the late, great Ernie Harwell as a human first and a broadcaster second and he even said to me in his beautiful symphony-like voice “Munch they deserve to be in but in a clearly marked area that they cheated when they did not need to because of their special skills.” I say KEEP THEM OUT as being in the HALL is something they covet. These performance enhancing drugs users stole our innocence of the National Past Time. Why please them.

Looking forward to joining you Monday through Friday 6a-9a on FOX SPORTS 1350 THE GAMBLER. Feel free to join in at any time by calling 866 372-1350. Stay safe and and as always ADIOS AMIGOS LONG MAY YOU RUN.

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