The Case is not closed - nor should it be open for too long!

There is no doubt the Browns needed a vet QB behind Baker Mayfield going into the 2020 season, Was there any trepidation in my Brown and Orange being this would happen? OF COURSE with 2 of the 3 guilty partners who gave the team a QB room in which NONE OF THE QB’s had an NFL win! Don’t you fondly remember the firm of Kizer, Kessler and Hogan?Now it is very cool that Case Keenum was the QB chosen not just to mentor Baker but be available if and when Baker should be injured. YES I am down with this move but must share a few items with you:

  • If you want Case to compete with Baker for the starting job please BE A FAN and do not try to break down the game;
  • Case would NOT win consistently here let alone win big;
  • Case is the guy that IF he was the starter the team would be looking for a starting QB;
  • Case would come out firing darts in a relief roll but that would end sooner than later due to defenses getting hip to him and his skills would wane quickly;
  • Welcome him but hope he is not needed anywhere but the practice field or in the QB/Film room.

Here’s hoping we’ll be chanting HERE WE GO BROWNIES again soon with pride (I still feel an ownership change is needed for that to happen) AND PLEASE why can’t we talk about WINS and leave the “P” word alone for now? Haven’t you learned your lesson? The fans chanting the “P” word instilled such a fake bravado into the team that the Titans knew they had us beat months before the game. How about “let’s win the first game, then the second game, etc and go from there? Now that’s a winner!