Browns score big 1st day of FA!

We need to talk about the BROWNS acquisitions from MONDAY which was of course the first day of Free Agency. Did the BROWNS get real football players? I would unequivocally say YES! A TE who catches consistently AND blocks, a RT who was proud that his RB won the rushing title in the last week of the season and who is a nasty SOB on the field and a credible back up QB!

Let’s look at Case Keenum and for those of those of who are saying it will be good to see Baker sweat a little bit and look over his shoulder at Case I must ask “do you really know the game of football?” Case is a backup these days in fact if he was your starting QB you would be looking for a starter!! He will help the QB room and when Baker gets banged up real good (it happens) he can give him a blow…even for a game or two.

Still the Browns are in desperate need of a few more positions…LT (did I say a LT) and even a RG although we could get away with an existing player at RG with four studs on the line but on Defense the Browns need at least 1 safety, 2 linebackers, a run stopping D lineman and a pass rusher.

Andrew Berry did good yesterday…keep it up and sign another player today! This is life during “Football Wartime!” This ain’t no disco, this ain’t no party, this ain’t no foolin’ around!

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